20kg Hi-Grade Kelp Meal (Animal Feed)

20kg Hi-Grade Kelp Meal (Animal Feed)

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Marrawah Gold Hi-Grade Kelp Meal is high in vitamins and minerals and recommended by farmers, stock breeders and equestrians.
Scientific studies carried out on the use of Bull Kelp Meal as part of the food ration have established that it provided significant benefit to animal health. 

Studies also indicate the most important component of Bull Kelp (Durvillea Potatorumto animals is the minerals, vitamins, alginate and osmoregulatory compounds called betaines that enhance beneficial gut bacteria so that food nutrients are really absorbed and utilised. 

Tasmanian Seaweed Fertilisers is unique in the fact that they dehumidify the meal product at their plant in Marrawah, Tasmania. This technique is utilised instead of drying at high temperatures to ensure the highest amount of vitamins and minerals are held in the end product. When you buy from Tasmanian Seaweed Fertilisers you can be confident you are receiving the most premium product on the market for your animal. 

NASAA Certified Organic product (Certification Number 7116M).